The team
Partner 1

CoNISMa - National Inter-University Consortium of Marine Sciences, Research Unity of the University of Florence,
Department of Evolutionary Biology "Leo Pardi", ITALY
Name Address Role within the project
Prof. Felicita Scapini Laboratory of Zoology 
Via Romana 17, 50125 Firenze  
Tel. +39 055 2288 217 
Fax +39 055 222565
General coordinator 
Arthropod behavioural adaptation 
Orientation and rhythms 
Development of etho-assays
Dr. Mariella Nardi, PhD student 


Laboratory of Zoology
Variation in chronobiology among populations
Ms. Claudia Rossano, student Laboratory of Zoology Talitrid activity rhythms
Dr. Claudia Borgioli PhD Laboratory of Zoology Statistic analysis of orientation data
Ms. Camilla Benozzi, student Laboratory of Zoology Talitrid orientation
Ms. M. Annunziata Trono, student Laboratory of Zoology Talitrid eco-ethology
Ms. Luana Berbeglia, student 
Ms. Chiara Stefani, student
Laboratory of Zoology Population dynamics
Dr. Lorenzo Chelazzi 

Dr. Isabella Colombini, PhD 
Dr. Mario Fallaci, PhD student

Dr. Andrea Aloia, CNR bursary 
Mr. Lorenzo Rusconi, student

Centre of Study of Tropical Faunistics and Ecology, CNR 
Via Romana 17, 50125 Firenze 
Fax 39 055222565 
Tel. 39 05522882297
Eco-ethology of beach-dune system 

Study of the effect of environmental factors to eco-ethological adaptation of arthropods 
Bio-diversity of beach-dune system 
Eco-ethologyof beach-dune arthropods

Prof. Marcello Buiatti 
Dr. Angela Scialpi, PhD
Laboratory of Plant Genetics 
Via Romana 19, 50125 Firenze 
Fax 39 0552288250 
Tel. 39 0552288237 
Molecular genetics 
Development of molecular kits for evaluation of environmental impact
Prof. Elvira De Matthaeis 
Dr. Valerio Ketmaier, PhD
Department of Animal Biology 
University of Rome "La Sapienza" 
Viale dell’Università 32, 00185 Roma 
fax 39 064958259 
tel. 39 064457120
Population genetics 
Iso-enzyme electrophoresis